Receive Free SMS Online Instantly

ThrowSMS is a service that allows you to receive SMS messages online for free. Receive as many text messages as you want anonymously from anywhere in the world regardless of your location. Verify any service online, keep your phone number private, and no more spam

How does it work?

- Choose one of the numbers listed below and use it for various services.

- If the box is red, it means the number is offline and not able to receive SMS messages at the moment.

- After selecting one of the numbers you will be redirected to another page where you can read all received messages.

- Reload the page to see the new messages.

- All messages received are public and visible to everyone, do not verify important accounts and do not send messages with important information, use only for testing.

- Numbers will expire after a certain time and can be deleted along with received messages, no phone number or information can be retrieved.

Why use our service?

Account SMS Verification

Verify any service by getting confirmation codes within seconds. Verify any account like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, PayPal, WeChat, TikTok, WhatsApp, and many more.

Free And No Registration

Receive your SMS messages online for free and without registration. Send as many messages as you need, no personal information required, charging, or any other limitation at all.


Ensuring privacy is our top priority. Avoid giving your personal number to apps or websites by using our temporary phone numbers and keep your personal information safe from spam.

Real SIM Cards

We use real physical devices to receive SMS messages, our numbers are real SIM Cards which means we can verify any service easily and display messages instantly.

Global Coverage

Receive messages with our numbers from all over the world. We provide numbers from a wide range of countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, India, North Macedonia, and more.


We provide the best tool for developers and manual testers. Get one of many available numbers and simplify website or app testing, no need for personal numbers anymore.